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Piano: Barnes

BARNES 109 King St., London W6 in 1976
BARNES Bros 1919-8100 1920-8600 1921-9100 1922-9600
BARNES, GEO, K., Rockford, Illinois. In around 1899 this ocmpany was bought by Van Metre.
BARNES J. C. There is an example of one of these made around 1860 at Palomare museum at Pomana, Claifornia. The serial number is 1579.
BARNES & SON made by Adam Buttell of ROckford, Illinois. After 1902 these were manufactured by SChumann in Chicago.
BARNES W. H. Estd 1828 1937-45860 This company built the D'Almaine & Stroud Uprights. Overstrung uprights of varied origin, and reasonable quality. This company may have been linked with Bentley in the 1920's.

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