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Bechstein Pianos

Contact Details

Jaques Samual Pianos Limited, 
Bechstein House, 
142 Edgeware Road,  
Marble Arch, 
London W2 2DZ 
Contact: Mr Stuart Kernaghan 
Telephone No: 0207 723 8818  
Fax No:02072 248692  

Official Web Site.

Company History

Est. 1853 by Carl Bechstein in Berlin, Germany. Carl died in 1900 and his sons Johann, Carl & Edwin took over.
In 1963 Baldwin Pianos bought controlling stock and the remainder of the shares in 1974. The company was sold to Karl Scultze in 1986. In 1992 Bechstein Gruppe-Berlin was established. they also manufacture Feurich, W.Hoffmann and Zimmermann pianos.
Rights to the Fuerich name were subsequently sold back to the Fuerich family, who market the pianos. However Bechstein continue to manufacture Feurich Grands and one model of upright.
The orignial pianos bear the name C.Bechstein and are known as the Concert Series. There are three Upright and five Grand models in this series. The Bechstein model 12 is made in two styles, with and without legs.
The Studio Series, of two Upright and one Grand piano just carries the name Bechstein. This range is slightly lower in price than the Concert Series. In 1995 Bechstein produced the Opus Series as well.


Video - Bechstein Upright 1911 being played

This is an underdamped piano. It is also straight strung.

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