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Piano: Belarus

BELARUS Borisow / Rusland

In 1996 Belarus changed their name to Tri-Con. Tri-Con are the exclusive distributors of Pearl River pianos.
Belarus Piano, Inc.
1626 North Prospect ave. #2006
Milwaukee, WI 43202

OR in Europe:

Open Society "The Enterprise of Musical Instruments"
222520 The Minsk area,
36, Byelorussia.

Director of bodies: +375-1777-33461
Department of marketing of bodies: +375-1777-34149
Fax: +375-1777-30735, +375-1777-30551

See also: Sängler & Sohne, Schubert, Wieler, Charles Albrecht.

Information received from the company regarding its history:

We would like to ... acquaint you with history of our enterprise. The factory has been founded in 1935 and then has let out the first, becoming then known not only in the USSR the tool. In 1955 the factory have mastered release of new model of piano Belarus. The renowned musician, Hero Sotsialisticheskog Work, the winner of the Lenin State premium, the national actor of the USSR Svjatoslav Richter has credited this piano the highest estimation: "The Belarus Piano possesses equal both soft sounding and a beautiful timbre in all registers. The keyboard mechanism is convenient and sympathetic and allows to execute the most complicated pieces of music."

The enterprise specialises on release of musical instrument "Belarus", concert cymbals, acoustic guitars, "Melody"; children's musical toys: cymbals!, , xylophones 12 and 15.

Production of Open Society "The Enterprise of Musical Instruments" well known in the USA, Holland, Turkey, the countries of the world. Successfully participated at many international exhibitions in Los Angeles, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Oslo, Helsinki, Milan.

Information provided by Director of Open Society "The Enterprise of Musical Instruments" Korzun A.V.

Official Belarus Web Site: www.belpiano.narod.ru

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