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Tozer Piano Stools
piano stools

Most Recent Pianos
Black  cased 2006 Steinmayer piano £750.00 o.n.o Steinmayer Black 143cmx107cmx57cm
no image available 40000 blüthner Leipzig 156 long, 128 high
Black lacquer with marquetry panels  cased Circa 1889 Bechstein piano £5600o.n.o. Bechstein Black lacquer with marquetry panels 53" high
  cased 1972 Yamaha piano £600 o.n.o. Yamaha 58" Wide, 41" High, 22" deep
walnut  cased 1883 Bosendorfer piano 20 000 Bosendorfer walnut 7`4'
  cased  blacke piano 2000$ blacke
Mahogany  cased 1920s/1930s Chappell piano £350 Chappell Mahogany (h)130cm x (w)150cm (d)60cm

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