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Tozer Piano Stools
piano stools

Most Recent Pianos
Rosewood  cased Approx 1970's Knight piano £1000.00 Knight Rosewood 54ins wide 22ins deep
Oak finish  cased 2004 Kemble piano 1500 Kemble Oak finish
Little Thetford
Rosewood  cased 1963 Chappell piano £1200 o.n.o Chappell Rosewood 5ft 2" long 4ft 8" wide
  cased 1992 Baldwin piano $4000 Baldwin 24" x 42"
Wood  cased 1970s Kemble piano £600 or less Kemble Wood
  cased 1976 Horugel piano 4000 Horugel
  cased  monington and weston london piano 400ono monington and weston london
Leighton Buzzard

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