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# Picture Source / Price Make - click for more info Type Date Added Year Area
1    no image available   10000 Private hoffmann Upright Wed 17th Jan 2018 1821 Tbilisi
2     Black High Gloss cased 2008 Kawai} piano    £3,500 o.n.o Private Kawai Upright Sun 5th Nov 2017 2008 Brighton
3      cased  H. Matz & co Berlin/Crane & sons Ltd Liv} piano    £200.00 ono Private H. Matz & co Berlin/Crane & sons Ltd Liv Upright Mon 30th Oct 2017 North yorkshire
4      cased unsure Knight} piano    1,000 O.N.O Private Knight Upright Mon 9th Oct 2017 unsure st.helens
5     mahogany case cased 1987 Yamaha M108} piano    1000 Private Yamaha M108 Upright Fri 6th Oct 2017 1987 Anstey
6      cased  Scholze} piano    2000 Private Scholze Upright Sat 30th Sep 2017 Dubai
7      cased  Gors and Kallman} piano    £1500 Shop Gors and Kallman Grand Wed 20th Sep 2017 Dorset
8      cased  ZENDER} piano    300ono Private ZENDER Upright Sun 10th Sep 2017 Culmstock
9     Needs some polishing on key lid cased Don't know Adolf Lehmann&co} piano    300 Private Adolf Lehmann&co Upright Tue 5th Sep 2017 Don't know Barnsley
10     mahogany cased early 20th century Steinhart EJ Riley&Son} piano    £150 Private Steinhart EJ Riley&Son Upright Mon 21st Aug 2017 early 20th century Reading
11      cased 1934 Bluthner} piano    £3,000 Shop Bluthner Grand Wed 29th Mar 2017 1934 Dorset

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